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Ticket to Ride

Eventbase Ticket to Ride 2014
Eventbase Ticket to Ride 2014

June 16, 2014 - Working for a company that makes world class apps for amazing events across the globe definitely has its perks. Not only do we get to work with a cross section of creative, smart individuals whose focus is to connect people through an event, but we get to experience those events first hand.

Like most companies, our co-founders, and sales and marketing staff typically go to the events we work on. However, we wanted all Eventbase employees to get the rockstar treatment. Enter: "Ticket to Ride". Ticket to Ride is an initiative that allows each Eventbase employee to attend an event of their choosing for which we make the app. Staff, as Eventbase ambassadors, jet off to their event to meet the clients and experience the very product that they created first hand.

Andrew, a QA Analyst, embarked on Ticket to Ride's maiden voyage as he attended Maker Faire in San Francisco. He mingled with other attendees, enjoyed the abundance of 3D printing, and dodged flame-throwing metal octopi.

The number one goal of the Ticket to Ride program is to ensure every single Eventbase staff gets the opportunity to experience our event apps in action, and come back with ideas for how to ameliorate our product for other festival or conference goers. After Andrew's trip, and the numerous others we're planning at this very moment, we're already making improvements to our apps. When the goal is to connect with others through a once in a lifetime experience, everyone wins.


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