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The Journey to Our Most Engaged Team in 2023

Eventbase team

In the ever-evolving landscape of the workplace, Eventbase has not only adapted but has flourished in its commitment to creating an engaged team. As we reflect on the successes of 2023, it becomes evident that our steadfast dedication to our core values have been the cornerstone of our journey towards building our most engaged team yet.

Central to measuring our success is our annual engagement survey, a tool that allows us to evaluate our team's sentiments across various crucial areas. In 2023, we witnessed our highest engagement scores to date, with an average of 88.3% across all survey questions. Notably, every participant agreed that they understand how their work contributes to Eventbase's goals. This team alignment is a testament to the clarity and meaningfulness embedded in their roles, and in our mission to bring people together for the magic of live events.

A standout metric for us in 2023 has been the remarkable voluntary turnover rate of 2.3%. This means only two team members out of 88 made the decision to depart Eventbase, our lowest rate ever. This achievement underscores the positive impact of our strategic shift from a full-time office-based company to a fully remote workforce.

We’re also proud of Eventbase's recognition in the 2024 Career Directory for Canada's Best Employers for Recent Grads, which is a testament to our commitment to professional growth and fostering an environment where Eventbasers can start and grow their careers.

The secret to our engaged team lies in the foundation of our company culture which is our core values – Trust, Respect, and Authenticity, encapsulated in our motto: "Better Together." In 2022, we redefined our core values to align with the post-pandemic fully remote nature of our company. Since then, every decision has been grounded in these values.

Listening is key to engagement, and at Eventbase, we believe we are "Better Together" when we listen to the feedback and ideas of everyone on our team. We remain committed to improvement with continuous feedback, and use our engagement survey results to guide our efforts to make necessary adjustments, ensuring that Eventbase remains a great place to work for our team.

Trust is one of our core values and a foundational piece in our company culture. By trusting our team to be productive and manage their work effectively, we not only strengthen our relationships, we also create an environment that prioritizes work-life balance. Our flexible schedules, including the opportunity to take every second Friday off, manage work around personal appointments or child pick-up, and the ability to work while travelling exemplify this commitment.

In the remote-working landscape, the little things matter. Our deliberate efforts to build relationships across teams include social Slack groups, weekly check-in questions, and regular virtual socials and games give insight into each other's personalities and lives outside of work. These activities reinforce our encouragement to be one's authentic self, nurturing genuine connections among our team members.

Lastly, our commitment to respect one another is a core value and a daily practice. Being kind, refraining from judgment, and having each other's back are integral aspects of upholding respect within our team.

As we embark on the future, Eventbase remains committed to its core values, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, empowered, and truly "Better Together." The journey to our most engaged team in 2023 serves as a testament to the power of building a culture grounded in trust, respect, and authenticity.

Alanna Giroux, People Manager.



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