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Eventbase & Salesforce take home “Best Event App” at Event Tech Awards

Eventbase Senior Enterprise Account Executive Cameron McCormack and Brianna Jackson Senior Manager at Salesforce accepting the Best Event App trophy at the Event Technology Awards 2023
Eventbase Senior Enterprise Account Executive Cameron McCormack and Brianna Jackson Senior Manager at Salesforce accepting the Best Event App trophy at the Event Technology Awards 2023

As the event technology awards season unfolds, we are ecstatic to share our latest achievement. In a joint win with Salesforce, we have won 'Best Event App' at the Event Technology Awards. This prestigious recognition is especially significant as it marks our seventh win in this category, firmly cementing our leading role in the event technology industry.

The Power of Partnership: Eventbase and Salesforce

Our journey at Eventbase is characterized by continued innovation, evident in our collaborations with leading events and brands like SXSW, Adobe, and IBM. The Salesforce Events App, powered by Eventbase, is the official mobile event app for a portfolio of events including Salesforce Dreamforce, Connections, TrailblazerDX, Tableau Conference and the Salesforce World Tour.

Salesforce produces some of the largest software conferences in the world, and this year their mobile event app featured the next generation of attendee personalization with Discover from Eventbase. With the resurgence of live events, Salesforce welcomed many newcomers to its conferences this year as well as attendees returning for the first time since 2019. The sheer scale of these events meant that both new and experienced attendees could feel overwhelmed, so the big challenge Salesforce faced was figuring out how to make the event feel more personal. To solve this, Salesforce partnered with Eventbase.

Redefining Personalized Engagement with Discover

Historically the first screen shown to attendees when they open the app was the Schedule. It’s an essential feature for an event app but, with hundreds of sessions per day, the Schedule view is not the ideal entry point into the app. So with Salesforce enrolled as a launch customer, Discover by Eventbase was created, forging a new standard for event app personalization. Salesforce utilized this feature at multiple events this year, including Salesforce Connections in Chicago in June 2023 and most recently at Dreamforce in San Francisco in September.

The Dreamforce Discover page also included a new feature called Attendee Checklists that guided event attendees to the vast range of activities that were available onsite. Activities were displayed based on the role assigned to an attendee and their interests, and a list of Popular Activities was also shown. Attendees could mark an activity as being complete, or skip it. Activities could also expire, so that attendees would not see activities they can no longer experience. The goal was to drive participation in activities, and on the first day Salesforce reported a significant increase in the number of activities completed.

The Salesforce Events App and its innovative Discover feature was a big success, as highlighted by Brianna Jackson, Senior Manager, Operations & Product Enablement for Event and Brand Technology at Salesforce. "Discover is an incredible new feature that we have, and it’s allowed us to target what we’re delivering to our attendees based on their roles. It’s the first step in personalizing that experience for them so we can deliver something to somebody that’s a little bit more tailored to who they are and guide their journey when we have a really big event like Dreamforce."

The success was also in the numbers, with the average engagement time in the mobile app increasing by an impressive 50%. The Salesforce Events App also received a rating of 4.8/5 on the app store, and usability testing conducted onsite confirmed an outstanding 85.5% rating for the app, equivalent to an A+ Grade on the standardized System Usability Scale (SUS). Notably, the mobile app handled over 10 million server requests during Dreamforce, demonstrating its robust performance at such a large-scale event.

Setting the Standard in Event Technology

Eventbase has set the gold standard in event tech for over a decade. Our success at the Event Technology Awards demonstrates how we are fulfilling our Mission to bring people together for the magic of live events and our Vision to shape the future of live event experiences. As we celebrate this award, we continue to innovate and invite others to experience our platform, paving the way for future advancements in event engagement.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to everyone at Eventbase and Salesforce for this outstanding achievement. Our partnership has not only set a new standard in event technology but also helped pave the way to create more connected, engaging, and personalized event experiences.



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