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Introducing the Eventbase Core Values

Eventbase's core values
Eventbase's core values

By Jeff Sinclair and Ben West, Co-Founders, and Alanna Giroux, People Manager at Eventbase

We learned a lot through the pandemic and from the corresponding resurgence in live events. It has reinforced our core belief that humans have an innate need to gather. It’s why our Mission to bring people together for the magic of live events is so important to the team at Eventbase.

Our company is growing quickly and we want to ensure that the many new Eventbasers joining our team will be aligned with our beliefs and primed to contribute to our success. So today we are proud to unveil a set of Eventbase Core Values that will drive us forward and guide all of our key decisions. They are: Trust, Respect and Authenticity. We’re also introducing a new Motto that is all about the value of community.

Our Motto: Better Together

We will always be stronger when we work as a team. When we come together we can foster empathy, develop relationships and build communities. Within our company, in the events industry and in our neighborhood, we believe we are Better Together.

The Eventbase team is on a mission, and we will get there together. We have a clear vision of where we are going, and believe that building a strong, connected and aligned team is how we will succeed.

We’re also committed to the event community. Our customers and partners rely on Eventbase to help bring their communities together, and to deliver some of the magic that make their events special. While virtual works for some events, we know that it’s impossible to replicate the in-person event experience online. We’re excited to continue providing technology that is at the heart of our customers’ live events.

Finally, we recognize that we are all part of our local community and a global one too. What we do as a company can have an impact on the world around us. Whether it’s supporting a local charity or working to make events greener, we set out to make the world a better place and will support others who are doing the same.

Our #1 Core Value: TRUST

Every day we hear stories about Eventbase team members who go above and beyond to help each other and our customers succeed. “We’ve Got Your Back” has been a long-standing brand promise, and it’s at the heart of our first core value.

Trust is key to everything we do and it’s a core value that we cannot compromise on. If you trust that your teammate will be there for you, then you will be there for them. If our customers know they can count on us, they will trust us with playing a key role at the events that are so important to them.

This core value is also why we are so open and transparent within our team. We share financials and plans that many other companies would not, because we believe our team needs this information to be able to help us achieve our Mission. We offer flexibility to our team because we trust one another too.

Our #2 Core Value: RESPECT

To do our best work, we need to rely on each other, and this simply is not possible without mutual respect. We ask our team to check their ego at the door, invest in the relationships they have with teammates and genuinely care about their success. These are foundations on which respect can grow and strong teams are built.

We value humility. If you are always putting your needs before the needs of others, Eventbase is probably not the right place for you. We encourage you to ask questions. Even silly ones. The best ideas can come from anyone in the company, so we are committed to fostering an environment where no one is afraid to speak and everyone can be heard. Not just the loudest voices. Not based on where you sit on an org chart. Everyone.

Our #3 Core Value: AUTHENTICITY

It’s up to every person on our team to build a vibrant, healthy culture at Eventbase. We encourage every team member to bring their passion and ideas, and find opportunities to connect and have fun with their teammates. We encourage our team to be proud of their uniqueness, celebrate differences and take actions that inspire us all to be the best versions of ourselves.

At Eventbase, we hire for team fit first. Skill level is important but a skilled person who cannot elevate the team is not what we’re looking for. We seek exceptionally talented team members who can bring their authentic self to work every day and make us all stronger.

Authenticity is also important for our customers. They want their events to represent their company’s uniqueness and the unique needs of each attendee. Events where every attendee is a clone wouldn’t be enriching; great events happen when many perspectives, experiences, and ideas come together.

Eventbase Core Values
Eventbase Core Values

Inspired? You should consider joining our team and working with us to create live event technology for the largest brands in the world. Take a look at our careers and find the position that is perfect for you. Let’s shape the future of live event experiences together!


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