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Announcing Eventbase's New Mission & Vision

Eventbase mission and vision
Eventbase mission and vision

By Jeff Sinclair and Ben West, Co-Founders of Eventbase

It’s an exciting time at Eventbase. We have incredible momentum to start 2022, with the return to live events driving high demand for our industry-leading products. Our team is growing rapidly and so is our customer base. So this is the perfect time to convey what drives us and how we’re thinking about our future in this new world of live events.

We are proud to introduce you to our Mission and Vision!

OUR MISSION: Bring people together for the magic of live events

It took a pandemic to galvanize our vision for the future of Eventbase. While we have always loved events, being isolated through 2020 and 2021 reinforced how much we as humans need to gather for shared experiences. We’ve seen that online is a poor substitute. Nothing beats in-person live events, and it is often the setting for some of the most memorable moments in our lives. There is something special, even magical, about the live event experience.

Since 2009, Eventbase has proudly been at the heart of exceptional live events around the world. Millions of attendees across thousands of events have held our product in their hand as they walked the conference floor, participated in sessions and interacted with others onsite. It is our purpose and privilege to build technology that brings people together for the magic of live events. This is our Mission. This is why Eventbase exists.

OUR VISION: We will shape the future of live event experiences

Events are being re-invented in the wake of Covid. We have seen an incredibly strong desire from our customers to return to live events as well as a willingness to do things differently. Organizers are rethinking every aspect of the events they host.

Fortunately, Eventbase is uniquely positioned to play a key role in this new world of events. While mobile apps will remain a core product for us, we will be introducing new features and products that will modernize events, simplify the life of an event organizer and deliver unmatched value to our customers. Our Vision is to power the technology that shapes the future of live event experiences.

We’ve already eliminated the printed event guide and delivered exceptional personalized experiences to attendees through our event apps. The technology we will develop next will go beyond apps and take events to the next level of evolution. This will position Eventbase to dominate the market for live event technology.

Inspired? You should consider joining our team and working with us to create live event technology for the largest brands in the world. Take a look at our careers and find the position that is perfect for you. Let’s shape the future of live event experiences together!


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