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Eventbase wins two ‘Best Event App’ titles in 2018

Eventbase event tech live win
Eventbase event tech live win

Event technology awards season is upon us and we are thrilled to be crowned winners of ‘Best Event App’ at the Event Technology Live awards in London, UK (pictured above) and silver winners at the Experience & Design Awards at EVENTtech in Las Vegas, USA.

Event Technology Live Awards UK

Sharing in our ‘Best Event App’ title from the Event Technology Live awards, part of the Event Tech Live 2018 conference in London, is South by Southwest (SXSW) and their official app SXSW GO. Powered by Eventbase, SXSW GO helps attendees navigate the massive 10 day event taking place in Austin, Texas each March. The 2018 event had over 8,000 sessions across 600 venues.

SXSW and Eventbase have partnered together since 2010, each year releasing new features and enhancements. In 2018 In 2018, SXSW and Eventbase unveiled two new features to further enhance attendee experiences and help them maximize their time at the massive event.

Event Status lets attendees check the status of a session’s capacity, dynamically updated within the app. Using an intuitive red-yellow-green system, session availability indicated when a session had room, when it was filling up and when it was at capacity.

SXXpress (South by Express) Passes went fully digital in the 2018 SXSW GO. SXXPress Passes allowed certain badgeholders to request priority access for music festival showcases and film festival screenings, and receive confirmation within the app. These digital passes saved attendees time by reducing the need to line up to pick up passes on site.

Experience & Design Awards (formerly EVENTtech Awards)

In Las Vegas, USA, Eventbase won silver in the ‘Best Event App’ category at the Experience & Design Awards, part of the annual EVENTtech conference. This is Eventbase’s fifth win for the award with three golds and two silvers at the annual award show.

Partnering with Cisco, Eventbase delivered the Cisco Live event app used at Cisco Live in Orlando in June 2018. The event attracted over 25,000 attendees from 104 countries and hosted over 1,500 sessions. The app provided attendees with highly personalized experiences, tailored to the individual attendee.

Using wearable beacons, Cisco Live placed a beacon in each attendee badge to collect attendee behavior data and use this to power personalized session recommendations available within the event app. Attendees could provide feedback with a thumbs up or thumbs down response to fine-tune recommendations and see the most relevant suggestions.

The app leveraged new augmented reality (AR) experiences in the Cisco Live exhibition hall, World of Solutions. Targets were placed throughout the venue and attendees could scan them and see a three-dimensional signpost pointing to nearby recommendations. Each recommendation linked to the integrated event map so users could get directions via the app’s wayfinding function. Attendees were assigned roles based on their technology interest and each AR target showed different recommendations based on that role. Each day, the recommendations changed to continually provide attendees with new content. More than 2,000 target scans were recorded over the three-day event.

Cisco Live also included features to help attendees maximize their time at the event. A new feature, Personal Time, to help them maximize their time at the event. Using Personal Time, attendees could book time in their schedules to visit exhibitors, catch up with peers over coffee, or check their emails. Clai, the Cisco Live event chatbot, returned to answer attendee FAQ and directly serve content and networking recommendations within the app.

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