A Look Inside Our New 15 Thousand Square Foot Yaletown Office

September 28, 2016 - Vancouver Startup Week is underway and our co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Ben West, will be participating in a panel “Small Talks: How Space Can Help Foster a Great Company Culture” this evening.  Without revealing too many details, he’ll be joining Kathy Enros from ACL and Alysia MacInnes from A Thinking Ape to talk about the influence that a company’s office space has on company culture.  How important is design when it comes to creating a great company culture and what impact can design have?

We started the calendar year with 67 Eventbasers and have added more than 50 new team members to date.  The best thing about working at Eventbase is the people. We invest a lot in our people and embrace the different ideas, perspectives, skills and experiences everyone brings to the table.  We’ve got musicians, dodge ball fanatics, trivia champions, gamers, Class Pass aficionados and coffee enthusiasts - together this diversity is what allows us to create an exceptional team.

As you grow it’s about building and fostering a great team and allowing them to do what they do best.  Making sure they have the right tools, resources and teammates alongside them deliver exceptional products. To ensure there are no barriers getting in their way and that everyone has a sense of ownership in our product and work.  Office design isn’t the only thing that will help you achieve this, but it’s one element that helps contribute to a thriving team.    

We’re very excited to announce we’ve officially opened our new 15 thousand square foot Yaletown headquarters.  From the beginning, the design of the new office has been a collaborative experience.  Eventbasers contributed their ideas on what they envisioned the space to look like, and had a say in everything from the functional roster of what we needed in the office to the room names.

The core theme for the office is rooted in the idea of neighborhoods.  It’s important to allow people to have a variety of spaces with a different look and feel – from the size, texture and lighting –  allowing them to adapt to different work styles.  Our vision was to “have a space that reflects the function and personality of the company,” says Ben, “that respects the importance of design.  Design is important and is one of our key differentiators, which is reflected in our new office.”

Throughout your day you’re going to have different types of problems and tasks you’re working on and we wanted an office space to reflect the diverse workloads we’re tackling every day.  Whether you’re looking for a quiet and cozy nook, or a collaborative space where 15 people can come together and brainstorm ideas – we’ve created spaces that will allow our team to thrive on focus on what they do best.

There are so many distinct features in the office, aside from the diversity of the multi-function workspaces, where do we begin.  There’s a giant timber structure called “the pod” with an 18-foot long bar height table that acts as a standing desk and collaborative working space.  Our café has an in-house barista fueling our caffeine needs on a daily basis and we’ve got beer on tap!  Adjacent to the café, we’ve got an amphitheater style stadium seating that sits across from a movie theatre with a 12-foot wide screen and surround sound – where we can give presentations, host meetups and a great place to watch “Games of Thrones” together.

We’re continuing to grow and encourage you to check out our latest job posts here.

Event app office space
Event apps working space
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