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Using Gamification to Engage and Deliver a Unique Experience

Gamification visual 2016
Gamification visual 2016

A branded event app has long been considered essential for any premium event, enhancing the conference or festival experience for attendees and acting as the go to tool and hub, right in their hands. And when you add gamification to a festival or event app it becomes all about winning – for everyone involved. Attendees become engaged participants, sponsors and exhibitors get increased traffic and more opportunities for interaction, and event organizers look, well, awesome.

The “New Product Showcase” game incorporated into the recent Expo! Expo! 2015 app made it fun and easy for attendees to compete for a grand travel prize by prompting visits to specific exhibitors booths. By extending exhibitors’ brand reach, organizers delivered greater sponsorship value, fired up engagement and boosted attendee participation.

You can also leverage Eventbase’s gamification feature to encourage other interactions, including networking, team building, and social media activity by rewarding attendees connecting and sharing at the event. Whichever way you game it’s about making your event more engaging and adding value.


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