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Personalizing the attendee journey: SXSW GO's new Recommendations Engine

phone with the SXSW GO app on screen
phone with the SXSW GO app on screen

With the explosive growth of SXSW and the need for organizers to improve festival-goers’ experiences, the focus has remained innovation and pushing the envelope of their event technology. Last year, it was attendee matching and the largest beacon deployment for more relevant and efficient networking. New in 2016’s SXSW GO app: an advanced recommendation engine that tailors the experience to individual attendees—serving up on-demand recommendations based on users’ own profiles and preferences as well as what others have favorited.

Eventbase worked with the team behind SXSW GO with the goal of improving the attendee journey, further elevating event personalization by delivering recommendations through push notifications. Tapping into our knowledge of beacons, these alerts will be based on attendees’ location as well as gaps in their schedules.

If you’re registered to attend SXSW, link your badge to start using SXSW Recommends.

Download SXSW GO now for a personalized SXSW 2016 experience.


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