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Introducing DISCOVER: Next Generation Personalization for Events

Experience personalized events with branded first screens on your mobile event app
Experience personalized events with branded first screens on your mobile event app

Each stage of your event is different, so your mobile app experience needs to adapt to attendee’s changing needs. Right?

The Eventbase team has once again achieved an industry-first with the launch of Discover, an all-new feature that lets you delight attendees by crafting the perfect personalized and highly-branded first screen in your mobile app.

You can easily tailor these screens to capture the excitement of every special moment throughout each phase of your event, and even create unique Discover screen sequences for different types of attendees.

Premiering this spring at massive events including SXSW, Discover is the next generation of personalization for the event industry. This new dynamic welcome screen will help you shape attendee journeys and elevate their experience from the moment you announce your event dates to well after they have returned home. Discover extends the utility of your mobile event app across the entire event lifecycle, letting you craft messages appropriate to each stage of your event.

  • Before your event you could announce your event dates or that badges are on-sale. Build excitement by counting down that your event is on next month or next week, or that it starts tomorrow. Drive engagement by including personalized recommendations that guide attendees to activities and content that match their interests.

  • During your event the first morning is very different from the afternoon. You can create a separate Discover Screen to promote a preview of the following day, the opening of your trade show or the concert that’s happening on the final night. Quickly show attendees what’s coming up next in their personal agenda, or what’s coming up tomorrow. You can also highlight Featured Sessions like keynotes and other can’t-miss sessions.

  • After the event you can promote surveys and video content. You can even promote fresh content throughout the year and of course you can promote the dates for upcoming events or next year’s show. Highlight video content so attendees can watch wherever and whenever they want right in your mobile app.

At each stage you will want to include a personalized welcome message and beautiful graphics that bring your brand to life. You can change the Call-To-Action button to promote whatever makes sense at that time.

Taking event personalization to the next level, you can create a different Discover Screen for each different type of attendee. Create a Discover flow just for VIPs, or for exhibitors, or your staff. Some events don’t always require login, and Discover lets you craft a specific message to those attendees as well.

We’ve even built a tool that allows you to schedule transitions between Discover Screens, so you can set and forget well before your event gets underway. Create Sequences of Discover Screens for each attendee type.

This powerful new feature is completely configurable within the Eventbase Manager web portal, so you can create as many Discover Screens as you want, and change them yourself at any time.

Discover is available now and, best of all, it’s free to Eventbase customers with a Premium Event License.

Reach out to your Eventbase account manager or email to arrange a demonstration of Discover and all the other capabilities that make Eventbase the leading mobile event app platform.

Eventbase is always looking for great talent, and we’re currently hiring for 4 positions. Interested? You should consider joining our team and working with us to create live event technology for the largest brands in the world. Take a look at our careers and find the position that is perfect for you. Let’s shape the future of live event experiences together!


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