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How to engage your event attendees using in-app content

event app user
event app user

Your event planning is well under way and you’ve selected the perfect event app provider to enhance your attendees’ digital event experience. Now it’s time to plan your event app content strategy. What types of content should you feature in your app? What will make the most of your attendees’ experience? What will make your brand, products and event sponsors really stand out?

For some brands, particularly in the B2B world, your event app is the only app of yours customers will ever download. This means it’s acting not only as a digital schedule for your events, but also as your brand’s key digital customer engagement tool during events. We’ll show you how you can use your event app as a direct line to your attendees to keep them engaged and further them in the buying cycle. Use these tips to decide what strategic content you’ll want to promote within your event app.

Highlight useful content to maximize your attendees’ experience

Before you focus on how you can use your Enterprise Event App as a selling tool, you first need to ensure it’s an app your attendees love to use. By providing meaningful content that enhances their event experience, you’ll boost app usage, build trust with your audience and make it easier to promote branded content.

Above all else, make sure that your app provides easy access to all event information that they’ll need. What travel information will your attendees need to know? What is your registration process, and how can they find registration booths? What’s your on-site wifi password? Consider these potential pain points and provide a quick solution to easily build trust. An event chatbot can provide a fun, engaging way to show off your brand personality while also relaying key event information.

Now consider what types of “bonus” content are of interest to your attendees. If you’re hosting a regional sales meeting, you may want to offer in-app blog content that enhances their visit to a new city. If you’re hosting a sporting event, consider behind-the-scenes interviews with their favorite athletes, or link to exclusive preview footage for a music and culture festival like SXSW.

Use push notifications

To keep your attendees up to date with the latest news about your event, use strategic push notifications via your event app. These are perfect for alerting attendees about the start of your keynote sessions, or announcing surprise events. CES used push notifications to announce the surprise Intel Drones light show at the Bellagio Fountains, creating excitement and a feeling of exclusivity for attendees. Push notifications are also a great way to engage beacons around your event campus. Do note that while push notifications are a great way to get your content in front of people, they should be used sparingly, or they’ll risk becoming background noise.

Drive attendees to keynote speakers

When planning a large event with hundreds of sessions, speakers and exhibitors, how do you ensure that your keynote speakers stand out? Besides using feature tiles, banners and splash screens to promote your most important sessions, you can also use written content within your event app to drum up excitement and engagement before, during and after.

Leading up to your event, promote app-exclusive content introducing your keynote speakers. From blog posts to teaser videos, you’ll be able to keep your speakers top-of-mind for attendees as they plan their event agenda. After your session wraps up, continue to encourage engagement with follow-up polling, photos, blog content and highlight videos.

Promote your partnerships

Use feature tiles, banners and splash screens to link to your partner websites, sessions, or exhibitor profiles within the app. If your event offers sponsorship opportunities, boost your sponsorship packages by including a splash page to drive attendees to your sponsors’ content. With engaging graphic design and UX, partnership promotions are an easy way to enhance your attendees’ experience while improving ROI for your partners and sponsors.

A&K phone screenshots
A&K phone screenshots

Showcase your latest product release

If your event coincides with a new product launch, ensure your attendees are able to engage with product content. For example, a splash screen upon opening your app and logging in is an easy way to make sure your product launch won’t be missed. If they’re able to demo your product on site, be sure to include maps to find your exhibit booths. If not, link to featured content from your event app so potential customers are able to find product pages, blog posts or video content.


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