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Eventbase Powers Enhanced Mobile App at Dreamforce 2023

Eventbase's official mobile event app for Salesforce Dreamforce 2023

Sept 2023 - San Francisco

Each year the Salesforce universe descends on Dreamforce, the biggest software conference and the largest enterprise event in the world. Attendees rely on the official mobile app to enhance and guide them through their onsite experience. This year, Dreamforce attendees were treated to a mobile event app that set the new standard. Powered by Eventbase, the Salesforce Events App introduced some brand new features that made Dreamforce more personalized than ever before.

The Discover screen for Eventbase's official mobile event app for Salesforce Dreamforce 2023


Every time an attendee opened the event app they were greeted with Discover, a personalized welcome page that changes throughout the lifecycle of the event. Throughout the day, Discover was updated to capture the excitement of what’s happening and what’s coming up next. The transitions were automated and could be configured ahead of time. There were even different Discover Sequences set up for regular badge holders, executive track attendees and staff too.

The Dreamforce mobile event app Discover page included a new feature called Attendee Checklists that guided event attendees to the vast range of activities that were available onsite. Activities were displayed based on the role assigned to an attendee based on their interests, and a list of Popular Activities was also shown. Attendees could mark an activity as being complete, or skip it. Activities could also expire, so that attendees would not see activities they can no longer experience. The goal was to drive participation in activities throughout Dreamforce, and on the first day Salesforce reported a significant increase in the number of activities completed.

Discover also included event personalization in the form of session recommendations, provided by RainFocus.


The Dreamforce mobile event app also prompted attendees to complete the Dreamforce Quiz, asking questions that would help personalize that attendee’s experience. Attendees were asked questions including "What are you most excited to do at Dreamforce?", "Which topics spark your interest?" and "What do you hope to gain this week?". After answering these simple questions, attendees received a list of personalized recommendations based on their interests. They could even retake the quiz and receive a new set of recommendations.

Eventbase CEO Jeff Sinclair with Braindate CEO Christine Renaud and Brianna Jackson from Salesforce Events Team at Dreamforce 2023
Eventbase CEO, Jeff Sinclair, with Braindate CEO, Christine Renaud, and Brianna Jackson from Salesforce Events Team at Dreamforce 2023.


The Dreamforce mobile event app allowed attendees to meet people with similar interests via a Braindate. An experience beyond traditional networking, the goal of a Braindate is to foster knowledge-sharing and help event attendees connect deeper through intentional conversations. Anyone could create a Braindate topic, then meet up in the networking lounge to talk about it. The Dreamforce Campground was a great location for the networking hub, and the tables with swing chairs proved popular (if not a little distracting).


Event attendees were encouraged to get hands-on with the latest innovations, have fun, and earn great prizes with the Dreamforce Quest Game. Game participants could complete tasks and activities to earn trophies, then visit the Trading Post to redeem prizes.


The Dreamforce event app featured interactive MazeMaps. Covering all of the venues across the massive campus in downtown San Francisco, the maps helped guide attendees and provided indoor locations using wifi triangulation in most venues.


When the sun set on Dreamforce 2023, the Salesforce team had one more surprise up their sleeve. The mobile event app guided attendees to their very own personalized video showcasing all that was on offer at the conference. Made for sharing on social media, the Dreamforce Recap was a fun way to spread the word about this exceptional event.

Think the 2023 Dreamforce mobile event app was cool? We can’t wait to show you what we are working on for next year!


Creating the Dreamforce 2023 enterprise event app was a BIG undertaking involving many Eventbasers working alongside the Salesforce Events Team, creative brand company Instrument, and event tech partners including RainFocus, Braindate and MazeMaps. Thank you to everyone who helped make the mobile event app for the 2023 version of Dreamforce such as success!

Eventbase mobile event apps team at Salesforce Dreamforce 2023
LEFT: Diana Yu, Senior Product Manager, Experiences (Events, Salesforce+ Streaming) at Salesforce with Eventbase CEO, Jeff Sinclair at the best mobile help desk / usability lab ever. RIGHT: Eventbasers onsite at Dreamforce 2023.



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