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Enhanced Attendee Networking: Tips for More Relevant Connections

Networking. The thought of it is often intimidating and an arduous task to many people. Traditionally, one of the secrets to successful networking is to prepare ahead of time and figure out who you’d like to talk to. Trying to meet with the right people or attendees with common interests at an event with hundreds or thousands of people, can seem impossible.

But, you can take it one step further with our event apps and make it easy for attendees to meet like-minded people attending the same event. Fostering valuable relationships just got a lot easier with Attendee Networking. How does Attendee Networking work and what can event organizers do to inspire more meaningful connections to make networking more efficient?

With beacon and LinkedIn integrations organizers can leverage this technology to deliver hyperlocal and personalized networking experiences.

Here’s how:

Beacon Around Me – beacon integration allows users to view nearby attendees, venues and events.

Attendee Match - recommends who attendees should meet based on tags and areas of interest highlighted in their personal profile within the app. Users can tap tags to see a list of attendees with similar tags.

LinkedIn Integration – smart notifications alert users of LinkedIn connections in the area who have favorited similar sessions and allow users to identify and reach out to new contacts through in-app messaging.

Leave the guessing out of who your attendees should connect with at your event. With a number of in-app advanced networking options, users can make the right connections and join relevant conversations all at their fingertips.


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