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Dreamforce 2021: Trailblazing in a new world of live events

event attendees in lounge chairs
event attendees in lounge chairs

We’re excited to see the return of live events, and recently the team at Salesforce blazed a trail by hosting an in-person Dreamforce in San Francisco. This event is normally one of the largest annual events in the United States, but to ensure safety the number of attendees was kept smaller this year. But the production value was still exceptional, with many of the sessions taking place outdoors in a uniquely crafted environment tailored for the vibrant Salesforce brand.

Health and safety was paramount. Attendees were all vaccinated and daily testing was required. Salesforce also developed their own Dreampass, which helped attendees prove they were cleared to come onsite.

The event team also launched Salesforce+, a website containing videos of many Dreamforce sessions so that those not lucky enough to be onsite could watch from home.

We were also excited to see such a stellar mobile app for Dreamforce ; )


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