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Branded event apps: because your brand is more than just a logo

various brand logos
various brand logos

Event planners spend countless hours ensuring that every brand touchpoint at their event is considered. From personalized hotel welcome packages and branded glassware to custom lighting schemes for different sessions, event planning is an extremely detail-oriented profession where every element is an opportunity to delight attendees. Your brand’s event app deserves the same level of thoughtful design that goes into every other aspect of your events.

The last thing you want is to associate your brand with a boring conference app, or a cookie cutter app that looks just like your largest competitor’s design. By applying intuitive user-experience and design-thinking, your Enterprise Event App can be a digital tool that engages, delights and educates attendees, and makes your brand look great. With highly customizable design and user-friendly navigation, your event app becomes a key part of your brand and event strategy.

Learn how you can utilize event technology to connect your brand with attendees and provide them with a consistent brand experience.

Highly customizable design

Your brand is more than just a logo and brand colors—it’s an immersive experience that you use to connect with your attendees on an emotional level. When you invest in a mobile event strategy, your attendees’ digital experience should feel seamlessly connected to their live event experience.

When it comes to reflecting brand personality within your mobile event app, premium brands require a higher level of customization than just applying logos and colors. A highly customizable Enterprise Event App gives you more control over how your attendees experience your brand. With design capabilities in-house, Eventbase can help you take your event app to the next level. Our team will help you implement brand fonts, select custom icons and banners, and ensure your event app reflects your whole brand experience.

Showcase your most meaningful content

Highlight the in-app content that best fits your event ROI goals with enhanced branding. Using custom splash screens, banners and push notifications, event planners are able to showcase important keynote speakers, sponsorship content, or your latest product releases.

Bring your brand’s personality to life with a chatbot

Intelligent event app chatbots allow your brand to engage attendees even further by expressing your brand’s voice in a meaningful way. Take SXSW’s Abby, for example. Representing SXSW’s casual-but-clever tone, Abby helped attendees navigate the conference in a fun, conversational way that included clever Easter eggs. Send Abby a taco emoji, and she would guide you to the nearest food trucks. Send Abby a rainbow, and she’d source LGBTQ+ and diversity sessions.

The Eventbase team can help you customize your chatbot’s name, personality and more. Working together, our team will guide you through the process of designing the perfect chatbot personality to bring your brand’s unique voice to life.

Intuitive user experience

Your event app is an extension of your brand’s live experiences and should complement your brand and enhance your attendees’ journey. With focus on design and user experience, Eventbase apps are easy and intuitive to use, making them a natural extension of your events. Rigorously tested real-world use cases ensure your team and your attendees will love your app.

Scalable from global conferences to intimate events

Premium branded apps no longer have to be exclusive to the world’s largest events. Eventbase apps can uniquely support your full event portfolio, from your top tier events to intimate stakeholder meetings within a unified event app. You can even have different branding for different events within your Enterprise Event App, so each reflects the unique branding of that specific event or series of events. Offer your attendees a premium brand experience, while giving your event planners a centralized platform to monitor your brand’s analytics and event ROI.

As event technology continues to rapidly evolve, it’s time you reconsidered your mobile event strategy with a truly on-brand event app. Make engaging with your event app a natural extension of attending your events, and something your attendees look forward to year after year.


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