Sports events app

Eventbase powers sports event apps for the world's largest events, including three Olympic Games, the Pan Am Games, the Commonwealth Games, National Basketball Championships and international cycling competitions. Let us build a mobile experience that your spectators and at-home audience will love.   


Get the high performance event app

The world's largest sport events trust Eventbase. Our technology has scaled to events with millions of users, and meets the needs of sporting events with the most sophisticated information security requirements. We utilize a world-class hosting facility to ensure flawless performance and we also offer the option to host your sports event app in your own private cloud. This is perfect for organizations wanting to run penetration testing and load testing.


Bring your brand to life

Your attendees deserve a beautiful, visually-engaging app that is far from boring. Our team will work with you to create a stunning event app that is tailored to your brand with custom fonts, graphics and animations. We will make your brand look great and deliver an exceptional user experience that attendees – and your team – will love. 


Drive spectator engagement

Drive app adoption and elevate your spectator experience with engaging features like our Game and Activity Stream. Our Game encourages spectators to earn points and compete for prizes by completing tasks within the app, like sharing on social media, finding a secret word or entering a beacon zone. Utilize our pre-configured games or design your own, and display results on a leaderboard throughout your venues. With Activity Stream, spectators can share photos, write about their event experiences and comment on posts directly through the app. Moderation tools are available.


Help spectators navigate

Eventbase offers the most powerful 3D maps on the market and our unique beacon-driven “Find Me" feature for indoor location. 


3D Deep Maps

Working with our partners at Heidelberg Mobile, we offer multi-level maps spanning venues. Users can seamlessly zoom in to each building, move between levels and see a detailed profile of each defined area.


Indoor Location

Eventbase has pioneered the use of beacon technology at events to locate attendees indoors where GPS doesn’t work. Attendees can see their location and receive turn-by-turn directions to their next destination.


Heat maps

Produce analytical heat maps showing you popular routes, exhibitors, attendee footfall patterns and dwell time at sponsor booths or sessions.


Manage your app with ease

Eventbase Manager, our self-service platform, lets you update event content and access analytics in real-time without technical expertise.

For smaller, Essential events throughout the year, you can also use Eventbase Manager to easily create and publish with agenda details, networking features, floor plans, maps and more.


Create effective sponsorship Opportunities

Offer your sponsors a range of highly visible promotional options within your event app. From fullscreen interstitials to rotating banner ads and location-based activations, your sponsors can increase their event presence. Your team can update assets throughout the app at anytime.


tailor App Experiences to Your attendees

Provide an app experience that is perfectly suited to different groups of attendees. Offer a VIP networking section for your most important guests or a game for a sub-section of users. You can decide what sections of the app are available to each group and even hide or grey-out sessions.



Dozens of registration and technology vendors have integrated with our APIs, and only Eventbase can offer the flexibility to hot-swap a system if needed. We work with our partners to offer rapid and reliable data synchronization and integrations for some of the most complex events.


eventbase has Your Back

Events can be stressful. When it’s the day of your event, you don't want to be worrying about your event technology. Every customer receives access to support and we offer additional support packages to help you design and build your app, as well as onsite or 24x7 support.