IBM Events App

IBM embraces a single app for its global events and regional conferences

One of the biggest challenges faced by many event marketers is how to truly integrate the physical and digital experience for attendees. IBM hosts several global conferences, and is constantly looking for ways to integrate technology into their event ecosystem to create the best user experience for attendees.

With the objectives of enriching the attendee journey, allowing users to seamlessly access important information and help attendees easily navigate its large global conferences – IBM partnered with Eventbase to enhance their event strategy to achieve these goals. Eventbase is the only mobile app provider with the level of innovation and expertise to handle IBM’s largest and most complex events, while simultaneously providing a self-service offering to handle the smaller events in its portfolio.

IBM has embraced an Enterprise Event App strategy for their global conferences through Eventbase’s Enterprise Event App Platform. All IBM events exist within one mobile app, so a user only has to download one app to gain access to multiple IBM events, and is hosted on IBM Softlayer. This single event app contains IBM’s premier global conferences, like IBM Think, as well as its smaller regional events.