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2018 Commonwealth Games App


2018 Commonwealth Games logo - the 2018 games used Eventbase's sport event app

The 2018 Commonwealth Games app was designed to treat attendees to a stellar one of a kind mobile experience. Eventbase revolutionalized the Commonwealth Games experience by introducing a state of the art app, elevating the engagement of spectators and athletes alike, and introducing an entirely new approach to experiencing the event. The app aimed to provide users with a comprehensive and interactive platform to stay up to date with the latest news, schedules, results, and other information related to the Games.

2018 Commonwealth Games App


One of the key features of the app was its user-friendly interface, which made it easy for users to navigate through various sections and access desired information effortlessly. The home screen provided a snapshot of the ongoing events, scores, and highlights, ensuring that users remained up to date with the most important updates.

The app offered a detailed schedule of all the sporting events, allowing users to plan their day and ensure they didn't miss any of their favorite competitions. It also provided real-time results and medal standings, enabling users to track their country's performance and the overall progress of the Games.

Additionally, the app included a news section, delivering the latest updates, stories, and behind-the-scenes coverage of the Games. Users could customize their preferences and receive notifications for specific sports or events they were interested in, ensuring they stayed informed about the latest developments.

The app ensured attendees had everything they needed by providing venue information, including maps, directions, and facilities available at each venue, making it easier for attendees to navigate the Games' multiple locations. It also featured a ticketing section, allowing users to purchase tickets for their preferred events directly through the app.

The app also included treasure hunt-style gamification, using proximity beacons to automatically award spectators points when they visited special locations across Gold Coast City. Spectators could win prizes and see their progress on a leaderboard.

Overall, the 2018 Commonwealth Games app was a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that served as a one-stop destination for all information related to the Games. It enhanced the experience of attendees and enthusiasts by providing real-time updates, interactive features, and a platform to connect and engage with the Games' community.

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