AT&T Events App

AT&T drives engagement with a powerful event app from Eventbase

AT&T Developer Summit is an annual event where attendees can network, discover what’s new from AT&T executives and industry leaders and learn from thousands of developers and content creators.

Attending a large-scale conference can at times be overwhelming. AT&T worked with Eventbase to create an app that would help attendees make the most of their time at the Developer Summit and to help them seamlessly navigate the event. Beyond the core functionality of having access to speaker, exhibitor and schedule information, there were several advanced features. For example, a networking feature let attendees message each other directly through the app, creating more meaningful connections.

On top of that, the Developer Summit featured a number of competitions, including a hackathon, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) challenge and a film competition. Entries from each competition were showcased within the mobile app and attendees were able to review and vote for their favorite entry within the mobile app. This real-time use of feedback created an engaging experience for attendees and quickly became a game changing tool for AT&T to enhance the event.