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Experiential Marketing Trends From SXSW Webinar

SXSW is renowned for its next-level experiential marketing. Each March, the event draws over 70,000 attendees to enjoy a melting pot of brand activations, immersive experiences and memory making encounters.

We’ve curated the top experiential marketing trends from past SXSW events to give event marketers and brand managers fresh insights into delighting attendees with experiential.

In this one-hour webinar we cover:

  • Real-life examples from experiential marketers at SXSW

  • Actionable insights from brands and event sponsors on creating an experiential culture

  • A look forward at what’s to come in experiential marketing

Presented by


  • Jeff Sinclair, CEO & Co-founder at Eventbase

  • Doug Muller, Executive Director of Digital Production at GPJ

  • David Ely, COO & Co-founder at TurnoutNow

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