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Salesforce Events App


Salesforce logo - Salesforce uses Eventbase's mobile event app

Salesforce Events app is a premium mobile event app that ensures attendees are fully connected and informed during any Salesforce event. It caters to major events like TrailblazerDX, World Tours, Dreamforce (recognized as the world's largest software event), and Connections. By leveraging the app's capabilities, attendees can effortlessly personalize their schedules, access sponsor profiles, and maintain uninterrupted connectivity throughout the event.

Salesforce Events App


The Salesforce Events app offers notable functionalities for maximizing engagement allowing you to:

  • Discover the comprehensive lineup of sessions available.

  • Personalize schedules through the Agenda Builder feature.

  • Access profiles and additional information about event sponsors.

  • Access essential schedules and other pertinent details via the Event Guide.

  • Enjoy the convenience of accessing on-demand content from Salesforce.

Attendees are invited to experience the transformative power of the Salesforce Events app, which revolutionizes event participation. With its intuitive interface, attendees can immerse themselves in the event's vibrant atmosphere while tailoring their schedules to align with their interests and objectives.

The app further enhances networking experiences by providing comprehensive profiles and valuable information about event sponsors,  allowing attendees to make meaningful connections.

The Salesforce Events App also provides a perfectly personalized, dynamic welcome screen, “Discover,” that can intelligently adapt to each phase and special moment of their events.

Our  industry-first Discover feature, offers the next generation of personalization to help attendees answer the question of “what do I do next?” at an event. Discover lets event organizers tailor these screens to capture the excitement of every special moment throughout each phase of an event. 

During the event, Discover screens can change frequently throughout the day to highlight important events and activities that the attendee won’t want to miss, as well as what’s up next in their personal agenda. At the end of the event, Discover can be used for surveys, to promote next year’s event, or guide attendees to session videos.

The Salesforce Events App also features other innovative features. This includes the industry’s most advanced session schedule with Agenda Gaps, which suggests sessions when the attendee has a block of time available, MazeMaps with indoor location, and much more.

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