Adobe Tech Summit App

Adobe selects Eventbase for Tech Summit – Invent the Future


Every other year, several thousand members of Adobe engineering, research and operations gather for an internal conference called the Adobe Tech Summit – Invent the Future. It features hundreds of internal and external speakers, breakout sessions and plenty of opportunities for ideation and collaboration. 

Designed to be a giant incubator for innovation to share ideas and participate in large-scale technology explorations, Adobe wanted an event app platform that would help showcase this in an engaging way. The Eventbase-powered app’s user-friendly design allowed attendees to intuitively access important event information and delivered an experience that was on brand. 

The app features a “Week at a Glance” view, an interactive rich-media wall that displayed sessions and breakouts, and showcased content in a visually driven way to let attendees view other key events taking place throughout the week. With thousands of attendees present, users were also able to connect with other individuals through the app's Attendee Networking feature. With networking being such a vital component of events, it helped inspire more meaningful connections and let attendees view their interactions to follow up.