Eventbase Premium

The boldest, most powerful
event app on the planet.


Events app for event technology

Give attendees a premium experience

Eventbase delivers more than stunning event app design. From conferences to festivals, our event management apps are designed to make an impression - helping you to maximize attendee engagement, garner event insights, and deliver an amazing overall experience.


Performance under pressure

With three official Olympic Games apps under our belt, Eventbase is a proven solution for the world's largest events. Whether you're expecting millions of downloads or want to have thousands of events or locations, an Eventbase Premium app will give you the most reliable and feature-rich offering on the market.

Performance under pressure

Flexible integrations

From event must-haves like registration, ticketing, and social media, to advanced platforms for mobile messaging, analytics, and beacon technology - we work with them all. Our integrations with the industry’s leading tools are as flexible as they come to provide you with the ultimate end-to-end event management experience.

Flexible integrations

Build hype and amplify brand reach

Create excitement and drive registrations with Discover, an interactive showcase that allows users to effortlessly explore your event. With pages that incorporate video or audio, Discover provides a rich experience, making it fun for attendees to navigate your lineup and schedule.

Build hype and amplify brand reach

Innovation unleashed

Our beacon-enabled apps were the first to launch in a large-scale event setting and the technology is emerging as a robust tool for building engagement and enabling connections across all types of events. Join us as we revolutionize ways to interact with your attendees and spotlight your brand.

Mobile event app beacon enabled networking

Get real-time insights

With its analytics integrations and built-in surveys and polls, Eventbase apps are built to provide analytics and attendee insights to help you achieve ROI and adopt and optimize future events for even greater success.

Events app analytics surveys and polls

Everything you need in an event app

Key features of the Eventbase Premium platform.

mobile event app YouTube play

Integrated Rich Media

Embedded content or videos from your YouTube channel, RSS, XML news feed - for a dynamic experience.
event app automatic updates

Seamless Updates

Keep attendees up to speed, always. Our apps perform automatic downloads in background of updated information, with no required action or restart.
festival apps social media Twitter Facebook and Facebook places

Social Media Integrations

Deep integrations with Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Places incorporate embedded hashtags, text, or deep links to streamline updates and sharing.
festival app search

Robust Search

Rapid results returned from searches across all your events, venues, people and companies.
event management app push notification

Push Messaging

Segmented push notifications helps you stay connected with attendees with relevant messages and content, without using SMS. Deliver a richer experience with images, video or deep links.
event mobile app sponsorship

Sponsorship Activation

Generate sponsorship revenue or promote components of your event with a range of promotional placements. Web-based back-end tools make it seamless to add or make changes.
event planner app sharing tools

Advanced Sharing

From personal schedules to specific venue locations, attendees are empowered to connect with Facebook friends and share their event information and experiences.
festival app maps

Interactive Maps

Responsive maps that provide the right level of detail to get attendees to the right place, at the right time.
event app admin

Web-based Admin Access

All the best laid plans won’t protect you from last-minute schedule changes and event updates. Our web-based admin tool enables you to update app content on the fly.
mobile event guide schedule favorites

Personalized Schedules

Personalized agendas, favorites, and built-in alerts to keep attendees on track. Best of all, calendar integration makes it even easier for attendees to plan their event experiences.

Propel your event to another level

Advanced features to inspire a stellar event.

mobile event app custom features


Seeking new features or use cases? Bring your ideas and we’ll work with you to build them.
Event app user authentication and role based permissions


Custom or two-factor authentication, role-based permissions, session reservations - it’s all possible to meet your needs.
event app indoor location and routing


Beacon-enabled indoor routing and navigation for larger or more complex venues and events.
multi event app


All the sames great features and capabilities of a single app, to meet the needs of all your events or locations. For a consistent, high-quality brand experience for your attendees worldwide.
multi-lingual event app


Built to work with a device’s language settings, our apps can deliver on your language needs including: French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and more.
mobile optimized event app


Mobile-optimized HTML pages that allow you to provide information from within the app for offline use.
conference app gamification


Trivia games, scavenger hunts, badge collections - we enable a variety of ways to engage attendees and build participation.
Event app augmented reality


Bring posters to life by activating animated sequences or video overlays with Aurasma. Enable views of your venues through users’ smartphone cameras with location-based AR from Wikitude.
Event app surveys


From personal schedules to specific venue locations, attendees are empowered to connect with Facebook friends and share their event information and experiences.
event app integration instagram


Create an event community through real-time photo sharing and embedded hashtags in Instagram.
event management app mobile messaging


Inspire session-level connections and participation with check-ins, discussions, surveys and more.
events app ibeacon innovation


Advanced beacon-enabled apps to deliver location-based interactions for an enhanced experience.