Eventbase Free

The world's premium event
platform packaged in a free app.

An Event App for Conferences, Festivals and Other Events

Every event needs a good app - no matter what the size, no matter what your budget. Create an event app for free and bring the power of the world's most powerful event app platform to your conference, festival or meeting. Eventbase Free allows you to offer a feature-rich native app to attendees at events of any size. It offers a limited feature set compared to Eventbase's paid product, but the best part - it won’t cost you a thing.


Fast and painless setup

Get your conference content or festival lineup into one intuitive app in three simple steps. Making updates is seamless and what’s even better, the launch of your event lineup within the Eventbase app makes it even easier for you to promote.

Manage multiple events on the same platform

For organizers with more than one event or at multiple venues, Eventbase Free is the ideal platform for your events. With one app, one download, comes a consistent brand experience for attendees across all your events.



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