6 Experiential Marketing Trends from SXSW

An all-new ebook with easy-to-apply, actionable insights from the most experiential event in the world.

SXSW is renowned for its next-level experiential marketing. Each March, the event draws over 70,000 attendees to enjoy a melting pot of brand activations, immersive experiences and memory-making encounters.

We’ve curated the top 6 experiential marketing trends from past SXSW events to deliver this 18-page ebook.

This valuable resource is a must-read for event managers and brand marketers. It’s packed with:

  • Real-life examples from experiential marketers at SXSW

  • Actionable insights from brands and event sponsors on creating an experiential culture

  • ROI and best practices from event technology experts

  • A look forward at what’s to come in experiential marketing

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