Data Stream: enterprise event data

Understand and shape attendee experiences across events

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An enterprise approach to event data

Understand your attendee journeys across every event in your portfolio with Eventbase Data Stream. More than an event analytics platform, Data Stream is a unique and powerful tool to stream data from all of your events into your own dedicated data warehouse. Data Stream offers enterprise-grade security and GDPR compliance to ensure your data is secure.

From your largest conferences to regional roadshow events, Data Stream gathers in-depth data from your Eventbase Enterprise Event App to generate actionable insights, show event ROI and shape personalized, engaging attendee experiences. 


Use the tools you trust

Use the business intelligence tools of your choice to explore data, analyze event metrics, visualize attendee actions by role or view individual attendee journeys.  


Personalize attendee experiences

Combine your Data Stream with other sources to generate tailored recommendations, or optimize sales from your events.


track your data live

Data is synced to your dedicated data warehouse, meaning you’ll have access to data and insights, as your events happen.

In-depth data for your full event portfolio

Eventbase Data Stream is the first event data tool engineered from the ground up to meet the needs of global enterprises and help them measure the true ROI of their event marketing budget.

Take your event data out of the silo and gain a complete picture of every event in your Enterprise Event App. Build your own custom event Data Stream dashboards in the business intelligence tool you’re already using to discover emerging trends, understand key insights to drive measurable results and evaluate the effectiveness of your full event portfolio spend.

Shape each event attendee journey with data

Data Stream combines layers of intelligence that take your understanding of attendee actions and intents to new heights, giving you the data you need to personalize event experiences for maximum impact.

If you’re incorporating Intelligent Features like personalized recommendations within your Enterprise Event App, Data Stream can help tailor these experiences to each of your event attendees. See how your most important customers are engaging with your brand and content across every stage of your events’ lifecycles.


Your event Data Stream, your way

Sync with business intelligence and analytics tools your organization knows and trusts. Data Stream integrates with hundreds of martech and event tech applications, such as your CRM, marketing automation, registration systems and session scanners, so attendee insights seamlessly populate the tools you’re already using.

Combine your event insights with your other business analytics to complete a holistic picture of your full event spend.


Empowering event organizers with over 250 million app usage data points

The Eventbase-powered SXSW GO, the official mobile app for the massive South By Southwest conference, became the first Enterprise Event App to deploy Data Stream at their 2018 event.

During the event, Data Stream recorded over 250 million pieces of app usage data, tracking up to 14 app opens per second. The SXSW team were able to transform their app usage data collected by Data Stream in meaningful ways, including charts of sessions favorited by badge type, app logins per hour and the differences in anonymous and authenticated app users.


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