A TIcket To Ride to Remember, SXSW Edition

A Ticket To Ride to Remember, SXSW Edition

SXSW mobile event app

SXSW 2017, Austin, Texas

Jay Tollefson, Producer Lead
Justin Penney, Account Manger

Watch For It
March 9-18

According to Eventbaser Jay, South By Southwest (SXSW) is “the stuff of legends!” Held each year in Austin, Texas, SXSW is the premier gathering of diverse and creative people from around the globe, where the intersection of art and technology collide.  It’s easy to understand why Eventbasers Jay and Justin decided to attend SXSW as their Ticket To Ride (TTR).

The TTR program provides Eventbasers with the unique opportunity to experience our apps in action while also having the chance to visit some great places, get to know their co-workers better, and be inspired by the energy and the creativity of the event itself. For Jay and Justin, SXSW was all this and more.

Eventbase has powered the official mobile app for SXSW for the past seven years and Jay, a producer lead, found it very interesting to see how this year’s app performed at this scale.  “We don’t do events much larger than this so, gathering feedback - be it praise or contrastive - gave loads of insight into what we’re doing well and what we can improve upon.”  He also found it very inspiring to see how SXSW used beacons, geofences, and push notifications to communicate with attendees.

For Justin, an Account Manager, his biggest takeaway from SXSW was that “no matter how many features and innovations we build into our technology, our number one job should be to simplify and enhance the attendee experience.”  He was intrigued to see the app in action and to get firsthand knowledge of how it impacted attendee experience.  He also found Abby, the in app not which was a new feature for SXSW this year, to be a useful addition.  “It was so much easier to ask Abby "Where is The Main?" than to search a list of venues. Abby made SXSW much easier to navigate and I spent less time on my phone and more time experiencing SXSW.”

App insights aside, Jay really enjoyed wandering up and down Rainy Street, meeting other SXSW attendees and listening to amazing music at intimate venues.  The most memorable part of his experience, however, was being able to hang out with the Eventbase team and get to know them better.

The scale and complexity of SXSW fascinated Justin, as did the way the event successfully brought together technology, music and digital industries. As a fan of the band Spoon, seeing them perform live to an audience of about 300 people was unforgettable. And then there were the foodie delights of Austin - Torchy’s Tacos, Death Metal Pizza and at least three BBQ joints - which he won’t forget.

Jay and Justin came back from SXSW inspired by the event’s creative energy and scope. And inspired to catch up on their sleep.

Abby (the in app bot) made SXSW much easier to navigate and I spent less time on my phone and more time experiencing SXSW.
— Justin Penney, Account Manager, Eventbase