Maker Faire New York

Tinkering in NYC

Tinkering in NYC

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Maker Faire New York 2016, New York City

Curtis Strome, Quality Assurance Lead
Kosta Sushkov, Mobile Architect

Tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, authors, artists and more.  That’s who you’ll find at Maker Faire - part science fair, part country fair, part show and tell.  At Maker Faire New York two of those tinkerers were Eventbasers Curtis, Quality Assurance lead and Kosta, a Mobile Architect, who went to the faire as their Ticket to Ride (TTR).

Our TTR program sends each Eventbase team member to an event we’ve developed the app for.  Eventbasers have ventured to Chicago for Chicago Gourmet, San Diego for Comic-Con and Philadelphia for Philly Beer Week, just to name a few.  These events allow our team to experience our apps in the environments they’re designed for and they always come home with new ideas on how to further strengthen what we build.

Curtis chose Maker Fair because he spent a lot of time in high school tinkering on projects so he can relate to hobbyists and inventors.  Plus, he’d never been to New York before.

For Kosta, the appeal was seeing what other hobbyists did in their spare time using technology.  He wanted to discover how other people use Adruino, 3D printers, their Raspberry Pis and other technology.

While there was a lot to check out, a highlight for Curtis was seeing someone who had connected a Raspberry Pi to an old projector to capture and restore stills from old family films.  Kosta came back to the office with tales of Dave Zobel's session about Sheldon and “visiting Google's booths, where various Google engineers presented products they'd worked on in their spare time like a mini computer the size of a Rubik's cube running classic Mac OS with a miniature mouse and keyboard.”  He was also in awe of the giant 3D printer and enjoyed the drone race.

Raspberry Pi and 3D printers aside, Kosta and Curtis also brought their Maker insight back to the office.  For Curtis, Maker Faire was “the first event I’ve attended using an Eventbase app. I found the app was very helpful in exploring all the event had to offer and it helped me find a few really interesting exhibits that I wouldn't have found otherwise.”

And Kosta came home thinking outside the box.  He plans to make his own little robot and is interested in “learning about Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other tinkering tools.”

Perhaps, we may see a little robot office mascot in Eventbase’s future.