eMerge Americas

Tapping into Miami's Tech Innovation

Tapping Into Miami’s Tech Innovation

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eMerge Americas 2017, Miami

June 12-13, 2017

AJ Brigden, Technical Production Specialists
Rock Hu, Technical Production Specialists

eMerge Americas, Miami’s homegrown tech conference, is building momentum, attracting a global audience, and connecting investors with innovators.  It also attracted Eventbasers AJ and Rock who chose it as their Ticket To Ride (TTR).

AJ and Rock, Technical Production Specialists, chose eMerge not only because it was in Miami, but also because they were intrigued by an innovative and tech-focused event.

Eventbase partnered with eMerge to develop the event’s official app.  AJ and Rock found that being able to use an Eventbase app as a consumer, rather than a developer was a value-add to their TTR experience.  “It was interesting seeing the app in action.  It helped highlight the things that are important to an attendee, which should help with setting up apps, now I’m more aware of what’s important,” said AJ.

Rock’s experience was similar.  “Now that I’ve used our app as a conference attendee, I have a better understanding on how it works for events.”

Though the event wasn’t in a huge venue, they both found the mapping functionality on the eMerge app incredibly useful.  “Trying to find out what stage was doing which talk at what time would have been impossible without the app,” said AJ.

As for the event itself AJ found that, “there were plenty of interesting and exciting exhibitors present.  IBM was there with Watson, which was hooked up to a small toy-like robot that you could communicate with.”

eMerge was Rock’s first tech show outside of Vancouver and he found it inspiring.  “I met with start up entrepreneurs who have great ideas and I also talked to giant corporations like IBM.  I was proud to tell attendees that I am part of the company behind the official mobile app for this event!”

When they weren’t taking in the technology AJ and Rock explored Miami, hitting up South Beach, Lincoln Road Mall, and enjoyed the nightlife.  “I also had the chance to take an Uber into downtown Miami and check out the Cuban district,” said AJ. “It felt very authentic - in one of the bars there was a band playing and people off the street would walk in and start salsa dancing.  I also got to hang out with Rock so that was fun!”

Eventbase’s Ticket To Ride initiative offers our team the opportunity to jet off to events, meet clients and get a first-hand view of our apps in action.

Now that I’ve used our app as a conference attendee, I have a better understanding on how it works for events.
— Rock Hu, Technical Production Specialist, Eventbase