Event Spotlight: Pemberton Music Festival

July 28, 2014 - Five years after the inaugural Pemberton Music Festival took place in the sleepy mountain town of the same name, New Orleans-based HUKA Entertainment stepped in to take over the festival’s second incarnation ready to rock. And rock it they did.

Take one awe-inspiring setting at the base of Mount Currie in BC’s Pemberton Valley, throw in 20,000 fans, close to 100 acts (ranging from headliners OutKast and Nine Inch Nails to Blondie and comedian, Norm MacDonald,) a handful of art installations, and surprises like a waterslide and Zipline - and what you have is the resurrected Pemberton Music Festival.

Festival app Pemberton
Mobile Event app at Pemberton Music Festival

As creator of the official festival app, Eventbase had a team up at Pembie to ensure festival-goers were making the most of their time with features such as Discover, a rich-media wall that helped them to navigate the epic lineup. Photobooth and Social allowed audiences to share their experiences on the fly. The app’s robust platform, which leveraged offline functionality, acted as a constant digital concierge and meant that fans were never without their go-to guide.

Pemberton Music Festival map app screenshot

All in all, reviews and audience reception reveal that the new Pemberton Music Festival may be here to stay and Eventbase hopes to be part of the legendary experience.

Event app Pemberton Music Festival

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