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5 ways event apps can help attendees explore your host city

Once your attendees leave the conference floor they’re in a new city, possibly one they’ve never visited before, and left to their own devices for sourcing food and entertainment. When attending busy all-day conferences, this can be a source of stress rather than excitement. There are many ways you can improve your attendees’ event and travel experience while highlighting sponsors and partnerships via an event app.

The 11 strangest things people asked the SXSW Bot

Every year there's a big focus on innovation at SXSW, and this year was no exception. Eventbase was excited about the launch of Abby - the official bot in the SXSW Go mobile app. Abby delivered a conversational-style user experience to help attendees navigate SXSW, find out what was happening around them and get answers to frequently asked questions.